About The Date Calculator

The filing date calculator is designed to assist and inform rule filers when they have one of the following dates:
1) the date the rules are proposed;
2) the date of the public hearing; or
3) the desired effective date for the rules. The calculator takes into account weekends and state holidays as well as the December carry-over provision in the calculations.

Select the date you have set (e.g., public hearing date, effective date, proposal date) and the calculator will provide the remaining dates. For example, if you enter the proposed filing date, the calculator will provide the public hearing date range and earliest possible effective date.

Please note that when working from the effective dates the calculated results are the latest possible dates to file in order to achieve the stated effective date; further keep in mind that any delays in the rule review process will delay the earliest effective date of your rule. Therefore, it is a good idea to propose in advance of the last possible date in the event that there are sensitive issues surrounding the proposed rules.

For further assistance, please call the JCARR office at (614) 466-4086.